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Remediation and Validation


If remediation of the contaminated soil on your site is required, we can recommend a wide range of innovative and cost-effective solutions from the old-fashioned dig & dump, to more environmentally friendly options that could include dilution, onsite containment, relocation to more appropriate locations on site, capping and ongoing site management measures. We recognise that every project is unique and solutions need to be tailor made to suit the site, surrounding area and the client's needs. Our experience enables us to come up with the most practical and cost-effective solution for you. We can develop a strategy suitable for your site and provide the necessary Remediation Action Plan (RAP). We can also provide the Environmental Planning services such as an Assessment of Environmental Effects and application for soil contamination related consents.

We have extensive experience in managing remediation jobs and can recommend remediation methodologies that ensure your project runs smoothly. We can provide site supervision as required, and routinely use our XRF analyser during remediation excavations. Where the identified contaminants can be reliably identified by XRF, this enables us to make sure that all of the contaminated soil is dealt with while machinery is on site, and ensure that over excavation of material that qualifies to stay on site is not removed, providing significant savings in handling and dumping costs.

Once the site has been remediated, we can perform validation sampling to ensure the remediation goals have been met. The remediation work and validation sampling is then reported in a Site Validation Report to enable compliance with any consent conditions. If the remediation strategy includes measures such as capping and ongoing controls to limit soil contact, then we can also provide an Ongoing Site Management Plan (OSMP). This document then becomes part of the regulatory authorities records for the site and future owners and occupiers can be fully informed of any ongoing requirements. 

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